Yellowstone Science Submission Guidelines

Yellowstone Science is a periodical devoted to Yellowstone's natural and cultural resources. In publication since 1992, Yellowstone Science features articles about research done in the park, provides scientists with an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas, and gives the public a look at this exciting work.

Submission Guidelines
Our guidelines for submission are quite flexible. We ask that draft articles be about 10–14 double-spaced pages (5,000–7,000 words), semi-technical in nature, in MSWord. Most articles do not contain extensive citations or references, although we try to refer readers to technical publications on which an article may be based.

They should generally cover a project's objectives, methods, and results, although not necessarily using those subheadings. For examples of our work, you can find back issues of Yellowstone Science through the links at right or we would be happy to send you a few issues.

We prefer electronic files, and can accommodate either PC or Mac format. For photos, we prefer to receive original images (not embedded in Word or PowerPoint) in eps or tiff format of at least 300 dpi (can be jpegs for emailing). For illustrations, we prefer Adobe Illustrator or eps format files at 300 dpi or higher.

We can also accommodate photographs, slides, graphs, tables, or maps and we prefer to obtain original slides or photographs that we can scan ourselves. All materials will, of course, be returned.

We also ask authors to submit a biographical sketch of about one short paragraph in length, including such information as present job, degrees earned, area of research specialty, and recent publications. We also like to have at least one photograph of the author(s), preferably doing their fieldwork.

If you have further questions, please email us at

Submissions which meet the above guidelines can be sent to or:

Editor, Yellowstone Science
Yellowstone Center for Resources
P.O. Box 168
Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190