Research in Grand Teton National Park

In any given year, around 70 scientific researchers are permitted to use Grand Teton National Park as their study site. All research done in the park, including that performed by National Park Service employees, requires a permit. The park is responsible for issuing and tracking research permits, and provides support to permitted researchers in the park. Each permit application undergoes a formal, standard process for research permit review and issuance. Permitted researchers study everything from archeology to zoology in Grand Teton. All are required to submit an annual report of their study progress and results. These Investigators’ Annual Reports are then entered into the National Park Service’s Research Permit and Reporting System, a searchable database that is available for public use. A list of research needs in Grand Teton can be found on the Research Permit and Reporting System and on the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit website. Or click here for pdf of 2010 research needs (PDF).

Grand Teton Research Report Requirements

Grand Teton Special Conditions of Research Permits