Product Descriptions

The following types of materials are available on this website. Not all products are available for all topics.


Resource Brief— a summary of the importance, status, and/or trend of a resource (1–2pgs)
Fact Sheet— general statistics and/or background information about a resource (1–3pgs)
Atlas— a graphic reference guide to the human and natural setting of the Greater Yellowstone Area (1pg)
Overview— an in-depth background essay including detailed technical and contextual information (4–12 pgs)


Project-Related Products

Project Summary— a synthesis of the status of a project, including background information, methods, and results (2pgs)
Project Report— interim, annual, and final reports on the findings and/or status of a project
Project Protocol— a comprehensive description of the methods and procedures used to collect information for a project

Poster— a presentation of the results of a project for conferences and professional societies (1pg)
Data— raw and/or processed data collected during a project

Other Content

References— selected citations for seminal and contemporary publications about a topic or resource
Management Document— documents that guide the decision-making process at parks and protected areas
Management Plan— a plan of action for addressing a specific management issue
Links— non-commercial websites which provide additional information about a topic or resource
Researchers— a selection of partner scientists engaged in current research on a topic or resource
Media— images, sound, and video