Bar BC Dude Ranch

The Bar BC was the premier dude ranch in early Jackson Hole. Founded by Struthers Burt and Horace Carncross in 1912, it eventually encompassed 600 acres situated on the banks of the Snake River with incredible views of the Teton Range. The Bar BC gave wealthy easterners a chance to experience a romanticized version of the cowboy west. Struthers Burt and his wife Katharine, both writers, popularized dude ranching with their novels and film scripts, especially his Diary of a Dude Wrangler. The Bar BC became a literary oasis attracting many writers and other prominent individuals from industry, conservation, politics, and film. Several guests at the Bar BC were so affected by their experiences that they purchased land to start their own dude ranches in the valley. The heyday of dude ranching was the 1920s and 1930s. This unique era in the history of the valley was also the transition point from individuals homesteading or ranching the land for personal livelihood to residents providing services for area visitors as their primary means of occupation.