Menor's Ferry Historic District

Left: Menor operating Ferry
Top right: Menor's Ferry General Store
Bottom right: crossing on the ferry

The Menor’s Ferry Historic District is a largely intact homestead from the early settlement of Jackson Hole. The district, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, represents a nationally significant period in American history. In 1892, William (Bill) Menor became the first homesteader on the west side of the Snake River for many miles. His ferry provided a reliable river crossing, and his general store provided supplies and a post office for area homesteaders. Menor sold his property to Maud Noble in 1918 and business continued to thrive. The ferry ceased operations in 1927, when engineers constructed a nearby bridge. On July 26, 1923, Maud Noble hosted a landmark meeting in her cabin. Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Horace Albright and a small group of locals launched a plan that planted the seed for the establishment of Grand Teton National Park.