Haynes Photo Shops

Above: a current image of the Haynes photo shop in Mammoth Hot Springs.
Below: The Haynes photo shop at Old Faithful. This structure has since been relocated.

As leaders in concessions development in Yellowstone from 1884 to 1962, Frank Jay Haynes and his son Jack Ellis Haynes constructed many buildings for their enterprises. Among the few that remain, the stores at Old Faithful (1927) and in Mammoth Hot Springs (1929) were most important to the primary Haynes business of taking, developing, and selling photographs. By helping Yellowstone gain international recognition for its natural wonders, the Hayneses’ photography promoted both tourism in the West and the idea of a national park. The Old Faithful building is an example of the rustic style that was becoming popular in western parks, while the Mammoth building displays a transitional architectural style influenced by the Crafts movement, a departure from more traditional revival styles prevalent in Mammoth that was unrelated to the rustic architecture prevalent elsewhere in the park.