Atlas of Yellowstone

The Atlas of Yellowstone is the first comprehensive atlas of a national park for the first national park in the world. Released by the University of California Press, the atlas represents a major collaboration between the University of Oregon and Yellowstone National Park. The Atlas of Yellowstone is a 300 page reference volume that uses rich graphics to examine a wide range of topics ranging from Art to Wolves, provides new references maps for the region, and provides a rich understanding of the unique place of Yellowstone in the world.

The Atlas of Yellowstone’s content covers a wide range of topics relevant to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Area. The content is broadly organized around four themes:

  • connections between Yellowstone, its region and the world
  • the dynamic nature of the Yellowstone landscape over time
  • the interaction of humans and nature throughout the region
  • the importance of Yellowstone National Park and its region as natural and cultural resources

Early production work on the Atlas of Yellowstone project was made possible by a seed grant approved by the board of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, and funding by Eyes on Yellowstone is made possible by Canon.